Products and Services


Foothill Optometry has the right frames for your needs, lifestyle and budget, offering quality brands such as Ted Baker, Brendel, Frieze Frames, Konishi, and Hoya DF, the most distortion free lens mounting system available. We use the highest quality lenses from Hoya and Shamir to minimize distortion, and we use the best lens treatments available to reduce smudging and reflections. Our products help you see and look your best!

Contact Lenses

Because contact lenses are medical devices, your contact lens prescription expires every year. It’s important to check your contacts annually to ensure a proper fit. The goal is prevention — we want to catch small problems before they become big problems.

If you’re new to contacts, we’ll walk you through all of the basics, showing you how to wear your lenses comfortably and safely. We tailor your contacts to your individual needs by offering a variety of lens options for any prescription, whether you have astigmatism or wear bifocals. We also offer specialty contacts like CRT lenses, which reshape your eyes at night to reduce the need for glasses or contacts during the day, and hybrid lenses, combination hard-and-soft lenses that provide great vision and comfort.

Exam Services

You won’t be just another number in our office, and we won’t shuffle you out the door. At Foothill Optometry, we take the time to provide you with a thorough exam and to answer any questions you may have. As part of our commitment to better service, we also use electronic records to ensure that your information is readily available and never lost, allowing us to focus less on paperwork and more on you.

Here are just a few of the exam services we offer:

  • Dilation: Dilated exams should be performed every other year, or more frequently if you have a condition such as diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis or high cholesterol, or if you take certain medications. A dilation allows for a more thorough view of the inside of the eye and can help detect over 400 systemic diseases.
  • Children’s exams: Kids aren’t always able to tell you if they can’t see clearly or are having other problems with their eyes. But early detection of eye problems in children is essential. Without treatment, problems with learning or extracurricular activities can develop.
  • Emergency: We provide emergency services after hours.

Lasik & Surgery Consultations

If you’re considering vision correction surgery, we invite you to come in for a complementary consultation. We’ll let you know whether you’re a good candidate for these procedures.